Problem with audio in general + FL studio12 + traktor dj2 interface

Discussion in 'Beginners Section' started by puosu, Feb 22, 2016.

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    I have a strange problem with my audio (win10)
    I plug in the interface and lights go on etc, but then when i play sound from internet nothing comes out from speakers, and when i play it from ex. mediaplayer sound works fine?

    Then i open FL studio 12 and it complains "couldnt create the main streamin directsound buffer" I press ok and FL opens, then I try to set the audio dj2 as my asio interface and it complains "not enough asio channels"

    Traktor dj software works fine, i just cant get this???

    Does anyone have any clue whats going on??

    Ive tried to uninstall conexant Smart audio and all drivers back and forth but nothing helps!!

    thanx in advance

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